At Overleaf Spa, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind oceanfront experience that gives you the luxury you need in a safe, friendly environment. In short, we want to make you feel like family.

Soaking Pool


Surrender to the sea in our warm oceanfront soaking tubs. The hypnotic waves and beautiful scene set the mood for total relaxation. Swimsuits are required and are available for purchase. Guests of the lodge may schedule one thirty minute session (2 people) per room night.

A variety of massages are available by appointment with our licensed massage therapists. All appointments are for one-hour time increments. Gratuity is included in the service prices. $145-$155.
Our luxurious head-to-toe body and skin care treatments are performed by our licensed estheticians. All appointments are for one-hour time increments. Gratuity is included in the service prices. $145-$155.
Aligning the mind, body and soul by attuning the energy flow within the body, Reiki is a hands-on treatment designed to move energy. During treatment, you’ll be cozy in your comfy clothes in our warmed bed. Emerge feeling refreshed, clear-minded and centered. Gratuity is included in the service price. $145.
Workout with a view of the breaking waves to the north of Overleaf Lodge. Available equipment includes a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, a stationary bike and free weights. Free of charge.
Overleaf Spa uses only high-quality, proven treatments from companies such as Aveda, Repêchage, Keyano Aromatics and DANI Naturals. These spa products are available for purchase in our spa. Swimsuits are also available for purchase in the spa.
Relax and unwind in Overleaf Spa’s Sauna and Steam Rooms, both located each in the men’s and the women’s locker rooms. Reduce stress. Loosen stiff joints. Pamper your skin. Emerge refreshed and energized. Currently operating on limited hours, please check our booking page for availability.

Health & Safety

Overleaf Spa is operating at reduced hours and capacity by appointment only for Overleaf Lodge guests 18 and older. Once you have your hotel accommodations booked, you may gain access to our spa booking portal to view availability. We highly recommend, booking spa services at time of hotel booking.


Spa areas and treatment rooms are disinfected thoroughly after each session to CDC and EPA specifications.
All linens are laundered to CDC & EPA specifications.
Clients will wait in their room until they receive a call that their therapist is ready.