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Walks with Drew: Ya’Xaik Trail

Across the street and to the east of the Fireside Motel and Overleaf Lodge is the Ya’Xaik trailhead.

Max & Quill, Beloved Sea Lions

Two well-loved sea lion residents of the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Max and his half-sister Quill, recently passed away after a long and healthy life of 30 years.

The Hobbit Trailhead

The Hobbit Trailhead, a few miles south of the Overleaf Lodge, is the starting point for three magical hiking adventures that live up to its delightful name.

Meditate with the Ocean

Watching ocean waves crash and fish swim is deeply centering. Find peace in the pace of the sea stars and the movement of swimming rock fish.

Walks with Drew: Overleaf Lodge Plants

For many years, owner Drew Roslund has shared with guests his enthusiasm and knowledge of the plants that grow on the Overleaf Lodge property. 

Toby Large

A photography enthusiast based near Chicago, Illinois, Toby Large started taking photos in earnest a few years ago. Toby primarily focus on sunrises, sunsets and the moon at twilight. Another of his creations is a time-lapse video of the summer solstice sunrise, which you can view here. Long-time family friends introduced him to the Oregon […]

Three Generations of Family

Growing up first on a construction site and then at a hotel in a small coastal town was the atypical childhood of the Roslund children: Riley, Cooper and Lily.

Overleaf Is Family

Working with a small team in a remote community can be a challenge, but for the team at the Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel, it feels like family.

Building Overleaf Lodge

After nearly 15 years of running the Fireside Motel, the vacant oceanfront property to the north of the Fireside Motel became available in 1995. Jerry and Georgia saw another great opportunity ready to be made.

Where It Began: The Fireside Motel

Running the Overleaf Lodge and the Fireside Motel has been a labor of love for the Roslund Family since 1981.