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Banana slugs traverse our forests

Walking along any trail in the Oregon coastal forests, especially during the rainy season, hikers are bound to see them tootling along the path at six and a half inches per minute: banana slugs.

What do gray whales eat, anyway?

Gray whales are often on the move, annually migrating along the length of the West Coast, traveling from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska to their winter breeding grounds in the warm waters off Baja, Mexico, and back again.

Plants of the Yachats Area

Sitka spruce, formally known as Picea sitchensis, is also referred to as the coast spruce or the tidewater spruce because of its geographic distribution in the Northwest’s cool, moist, maritime climate, which includes Alaska, where it was first discovered.

Chowder Crawl

On a cold fall day, few things can warm our insides better than a cup or bowl of creamy clam chowder. Here, in the Northwest, creamy New England-style chowder is our gold standard, with bits of smoked bacon added for that extra oomph of flavor that’s signature to our region.

Accessible Rooms

View the immense power of the Pacific Ocean from any of our Whale Watcher rooms. Including two beds and either a patio (first floor), picture window, window seat, or balcony (second and third floor), Whale Watcher rooms will provide you with a front-row seat to all of the splendor of the Oregon Coast.

See the Wind Everywhere You Look

The next time you walk along the beach during your stay at the Overleaf Lodge & Spa in Yachats, take a moment to watch the wind in action. True, wind isn’t really visible in the obvious sense – not like the way we feel it and hear it.

Pub Crawl—Yachats North, Yachats South

Oregon is a special place for those of us who love craft brews. Yachats, with points north in Newport and points south in Florence, is no exception! From craft beers to hard ciders, there’s something for everyone.

Blooming Beauties at Overleaf Lodge

For wildflower lovers, the Oregon Coast is a rugged environment surprisingly suited to the delicacy of flowers and flowering plants.

Pride of the Pelicans

Walking along the 804 Trail, just outside of Overleaf Lodge and Spa, visitors are bound to see pelicans—so easy to identify with that familiar gular pouch at their necks.

Names with Meaning: Yachats and Ya’Xaik

Yachats wasn’t always called Yachats. After European settlers moved to the area, the first post office was established in 1887 with the name of Ocean View, according to Oregon Geographic Names.