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Blooming Beauties at Overleaf Lodge

For wildflower lovers, the Oregon Coast is a rugged environment surprisingly suited to the delicacy of flowers and flowering plants.

Pride of the Pelicans

Walking along the 804 Trail, just outside of Overleaf Lodge and Spa, visitors are bound to see pelicans—so easy to identify with that familiar gular pouch at their necks.

Names with Meaning: Yachats and Ya’Xaik

Yachats wasn’t always called Yachats. After European settlers moved to the area, the first post office was established in 1887 with the name of Ocean View, according to Oregon Geographic Names.

Top Picks for Seasonal Activities

While most of the traditional summertime festival events along the Oregon Coast will be on hold this year because of the pandemic, there are still plenty of things to do in Yachats and the surrounding areas in May, June and July.

The Ocean in Glass

Blazing colors and fluid motion are at play in the luminous blown-glass artwork of Oregon-based artist Andy Nichols. With stunning abstract patterns and color, he creates striking trout and salmon, his artistic interpretation of Oregon’s coastal fish on their spawning journey.

Sea Foam on the Oregon Coast

Walking along the beach at the Oregon Coast, you can’t miss noticing sea foam. Hugging the shoreline, this spume comes in with the waves and settles on the sand in drifts and clumps that can look as scummy as dirty dishwater suds or as white as fresh snow.

Top 10 Winter Activities

The Oregon Coast in winter can be exhilarating or a comforting retreat, depending on what you are seeking. Sometimes the day calls for an adventure where you feel the salt spray in the air or the spring of the moss-covered forest floor.

Best Birding on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast has spectacular opportunities for bird watching. Our diversity of environments – rocky shores, estuaries, beaches, wetlands and woodlands – provide critical habitat for birds.

New Year’s Peace Hike

Each New Year’s Day for the past 11 years, residents of Yachats and guests have walked from town to the Amanda statue for a peace hike.

Whale Watching

Whales are visible nearly year-round along the Oregon Coast, and seeing them is always thrilling. Around here, you can see whales atop Cape Perpetua at the stone shelter, or along the shoreline from Yachats State Park, or from the 804 Trail.