Kristin Drew

Our Story

Overleaf Lodge & Spa is a family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on making each guest, employee and community member feel at home and comfortable. The Roslund Family purchased the land and oversaw the building of the hotel, which opened in 1997. Since its opening, Overleaf Lodge & Spa has provided a premier Central Oregon Coast experience for our visitors. For three generations, starting in 1981 with the purchase of The Fireside Motel, our family has worked and lived in the Yachats community. Our lodge is representative of the spirit of this remarkable place.

Located on the bluffs of Yachats overlooking the ocean, Overleaf Lodge & Spa is a place unlike any other on the Oregon Coast. We offer an unforgettable experience for those looking to get away, relax, refresh and enjoy the beauty of the sea. We pride ourselves on providing a cozy and friendly atmosphere, while striving to pamper our guests and give them a vacation experience they won’t soon forget.

The name ‘Overleaf’ was chosen through a happy accident. During the initial construction of the property, Drew’s father, Jerry, was thumbing through an architectural catalogue when he found a photo of a building he liked and mistakenly thought the architectural style was called ‘Overleaf.’ As it turns out, the term was instructing him to “turn the page” or “overleaf” for more information. Nonetheless, we loved the name and what it came to symbolize – “turning over a new leaf” in life, just perfect for Overleaf Lodge & Spa.

— Kristin and Drew Roslund