Looking for another great Yachats accommodation? Are we all booked? Do you have a large group you’re hoping to accommodate? We have you covered.

The Roslund family, who own and operate the Overleaf Lodge & Spa, also operate two additional properties, The Fireside Motel and the Overleaf Village.

Fireside Motel

The Fireside Motel is the rustic counterpart to the ambiance at Overleaf Lodge & Spa. The motel is pet-friendly, casual and located directly next door. Interested in booking a room at Fireside Motel? Visit Fireside Motel’s website.

Overleaf Village

While the Overleaf Lodge & Spa is the perfect getaway, our sister property, the Overleaf Village is perfect for a large group. The Overleaf Village is our cozy and quaint vacation rental cottage property, nestled right next door. Find out more by visiting the Overleaf Village website.



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