We are happy to serve your spa needs at Overleaf Lodge & Spa and look forward to helping you to relax and reconnect during your vacation getaway with us here in Yachats, Oregon.

A few things to note:

  • Currently, treatments and the spa are only available to guests of Overleaf Lodge.
  • Therapist schedules are created a month or two in advance and may not show availability for dates further out.
  • Check back regularly, as appointments times often become available.

Learn more about what to expect at the spa before and during your spa appointment.


  • The front desk will give Overleaf Lodge guests a validation code to access the booking portal.
  • After logging in, you’ll need to create an account. Every booking must include each guest’s individual name, email, cell phone number and a credit/debit card.
  • The booking software gathers this data, builds a profile and emails you a pre-populated intake form for you to complete.
  • Guests wanting to schedule massage treatments for more than one person will need to book each person separately. You may use the same credit/debit card for both.
  • To redeem a gift certificate, please notify the spa ahead of time. Spa services are not billable to your room.
  • Any booking that does not appear to belong to an Overleaf Lodge guest will be cancelled.
  • All treatment clients must fill and submit their private online intake form prior to scheduled services.
  • A 20% gratuity is added at the time of service, with additional gratuities always welcome.
  • If you are having trouble making an appointment, please contact the spa at 541-547-4885.

Validation Code:

Validation code is incorrect. Please ask Overleaf for assistance.