Massages and treatments

Please arrive at the Overleaf Spa, located on the third floor of the Overleaf Lodge, 15 minutes before your appointment and check in at the spa desk. Non-Guests will be directed to our locker room, where you can change into a comfy robe that will be provided. If you are a guest at the Overleaf Lodge, please change in your guest room and wear the robe provided in your room.

Overleaf Spa Experience

  • Silence phones and keep voices hushed so that all may relax. Cell phones usage is not allowed anywhere in the spa.
  • Please shower to remove all body and hair products such as lotions, oils, deodorants, perfumes and powders. Showers are available in our locker room. Your help is critical to maintaining the water quality of the soaking tubs. Introducing substances alters the tub chemistry, can necessitate draining the tubs.
  • Please wear your hair so that it will stay out of the water.
  • Please bring your own water bottle to refill with our chilled, water dispensed through our filtered water stations. Water in a closed water bottle is the only beverage that may be consumed in the tubs.
  • Bring your own footwear; sandals will NOT be provided. We sell flip flops in our spa and gift shops.
  • Please dry off prior to leaving the spa.