Massages and treatments are available by appointment for guests of the Overleaf Lodge. Schedule your one-hour appointment online in advance of your arrival. Therapists are on site most days of the week, and their schedules are posted one to two months in advance. If you have challenges with making an appointment or a payment, please call the spa at (541) 547-4885.

All bookings must use guests’ proper name, email, cell phone number and credit/debit card. The booking software gathers this information, builds your profile and sends you prepopulated intake forms to complete. Therefore, we cannot have multiple treatments under one name. Multiple services under one name will be canceled.

If you would like to schedule appointments for more than one person you must enter them separately with individual data or call the spa (541) 547-4885 and the spa staff will assist you.


Prior to your appointment, please shower and dress in the provided robe and your own mask. Approximately 5 minutes prior to your appointment, you will receive a call directing you to proceed to either room 4 in the 3rd floor hallway or room 2 in the spa.

Upon completion of your massage, simply return to your room and relax. The same credit/debit card you entered at the time of booking the appointment will be charged. Massage prices include a $20 gratuity.

Massage Menu

Deep tissue Massages

This targeted service works on specific muscle areas where you experience chronic stress and pain. This is not a full body massage. $150


Specifically designed for pregnant women, this gentle massage improves circulation and soothes aches and pains. Please consult physician prior to pregnancy treatments. $145

Relaxation Massages

A full body relaxing massage that improves circulation, releases tension and melts away stress. Please direct your therapist if you prefer light, moderate or firm pressure. $145

Sea Stone Massages

Our signature full body massage is the ultimate addition to the Overleaf Experience. Sea stones will warm the body, as they are used to massage one into tranquility. $155

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