Know what to do if tsunami warning is issued on the Oregon Coast

With coastal living comes the potential threat of a tsunami, a giant wave or series of waves that can occur when a large amount of water is displaced because of an earthquake or an underwater volcanic eruption.

Yachats and the entire Oregon Coast is about 100 miles from the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a 600-mile fault that runs from Northern California to British Columbia. Wherever there is a fault, an earthquake is possible. Tsunamis, however, can originate from as far away as Japan or Hawaii, should earthquakes or volcanic eruptions occur.

An earthquake isn’t the only natural warning sign for a potential tsunami. Other natural warning signs include a sudden rise or fall in the ocean’s water level or a loud roar from the ocean. Any one of these could signal a tsunami is in progress. If you recognize any of these signs, don’t wait to reach higher ground, experts say. Go. A tsunami could arrive within mere minutes.

Visitors to the Oregon Coast will notice blue signs along all coastal roadways including around Yachats, designating tsunami hazard zones, as well as tsunami evacuation routes and official assembly areas in the event that a tsunami warning is issued. One official assembly area near Overleaf Lodge is just across Highway 101 at the east end Diversity Drive that serves the Fisterra Gardens Apartments.

Tsunami Warning Centers issue several levels of warnings in the event of a possible tsunami. The first level, an Information Statement, indicates that there is no threat and no need to leave; the second level is a Watch, with a distant tsunami possible. In this case, it’s important to stay tuned and be ready to act should the warning level heighten. The third level is an Advisory, indicating that there are strong currents and waves that are a danger to people in or near water, so stay out of the water. The highest level, a Warning, indicates that dangerous coastal flooding and powerful currents are possible, so move to higher ground.

If you feel an earthquake while you are at Overleaf Lodge & Spa, or if a tsunami warning is issued, don’t wait to reach higher ground. An evacuation route map details how to reach the official assembly area that’s across Highway 101 from Overleaf Lodge. For more information about tsunami preparedness in Oregon, visit the Oregon Department of Emergency Management. Learn more about ocean safety at the Oregon Coast.

Get Up-To-Date Alerts On Your Phone

To further prepare for a potential tsunami, consider downloading NANOOS, a tsunami evacuation app, prior to your stay at Overleaf Lodge & Spa. NANOOS provides an overall view of where the tsunami hazard zones are on the Oregon Coast to help you plan your evacuation route in the event of a tsunami. Additionally, NANOOS provides current tsunami alerts from state agencies to ensure you are updated on the latest tsunami information. Along with a tsunami evacuation app, downloading an earthquake evacuation app, such as QuakeFeed, ensures you are well informed during your stay. QuakeFeed provides detailed information, maps and alerts for earthquakes, and other natural disasters, based on your location.

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