Whether deep red or a sparkling white, wine is an essential part of the Oregon experience, as much a part of our state’s DNA as a winter rain shower or an ocean sunset. In fact, a good bottle of Oregon wine goes great with both. At the Overleaf Lodge & Spa, we are happy to support local wineries year-round and invite you to experience wine from some of our favorite Oregon winemakers. At our Wine Cove, you can buy wine from some of the state’s top winemakers.

Wine Cove

Our Wine Cove is open daily from 7:30 am – 8:00 pm Find a selection of the current releases from the Prairie Mountain Wineries, a region of winemakers located in the valley between Eugene and the Coast. Find Overleaf keepsake glasses for sale, including Oregon pinot glasses. We also have chilled local white wines, bubbly and beer. Make a picnic out of it by purchasing some bites from our lobby pantry. Grab a bottle or two and head out to the beach, patio, lobby by the fire or to your room to enjoy.

Our Partners

Valhalla Winery

Valhalla Winery lives up to its namesake of celebrating food and wine. Find classic Oregon varieties such as pinot noir and pinot gris, as well varieties such as petite sirah and riesling. The owners of Valhalla, Eric and Lorrie Norman, have been producing wine since 1999, and opened Valhalla in 2016. valhallawinery.com

Walnut Ridge

Walnut Ridge began as a vineyard in 2000 and transitioned to making its own wine from its sustainable farm. Walnut Ridge produces pinot noir, pinot gris, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and gamay, as well as pinot blanc and riesling from its estate vineyard and winery. walnutridgevineyard.com

Brigadoon Wine Company

Tucked away on a gravel road, Brigadoon is a winery reminiscent of Oregon wine’s early years. The winery has deeper roots in California, where the family had been winemakers for decades. Brigadoon Wine Company is still a family-run winery, and produces white and red varieties as well as rosé. brigadoonwineco.com

Brigadoon_Winery - Oregon Wine

High Pass Winery

Using sustainable practices, High Pass Winery produces red, white and rosé varieties of wine from its vineyard and winery. highpasswinery.com

Bennett Vineyards

Before beginning their endeavor in winemaking, Gene and Lisa Bennett raised avocados in California. Moving to Oregon to transition to winemaking, they founded Bennett Vineyards and exclusively produce pinot noir and are entirely estate wines. The vineyard and winery is perched on an 85-acre farm in the south Willamette Valley. bennettvineyardsor.com

Pfeiffer Winery

A visit to Pfeiffer Winery will immediately transport you to the rustic wine cellars of Tuscany. The Pfeiffer family bought the property in 1947 as a chicken farm and sheep ranch.  They converted the property to a prime 70-acre vineyard in 1984. It is now one of the oldest vineyards and wineries in the state. pfeifferwinery.com

Pfeiffer_Winery - Oregon Wine

Make your room reservations now and join us for the ultimate pairing: Oregon Wines and the Overleaf Lodge and Spa!

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