From Pinot Noir to Pinot Gris, enjoy the taste of Oregon’s fine wines

Oregon wines are a distinct part of what makes our state so special, and visitors to the coast can certainly enjoy our finest wine offerings in our beautiful seaside vacation setting.

Luckily for Overleaf Lodge & Spa guests, our Wine Cove is full of locally produced wine specialties that we take pride in making available to you thanks to our wonderful, local wine partners: Walnut Ridge, Brigadoon Wine Company, Bennett Vineyards, High Pass Winery, Lumos Wine Company and Pfeiffer Winery (recently purchased by King Estate Winery). An additional local wine partner is Sea O2 Sparkling Wine.

In addition to keeping our wine list amply stocked, our wine partners also host wine tastings in our lobby from January through March, so stay tuned to our Current Specials & Announcements for a schedule of tastings available to Overleaf Lodge guests 21 and older. You’ll get to meet the makers and buy from them directly, too.

Wine nuances

Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are two of the best known and widely appreciated Oregon wines. Many producers of these wines grow their grapes in the fertile Willamette and southern Willamette valleys, just to the east of us over the Coast Mountain Range.

Pinot Noir, a red-skinned grape, is known for earthy flavors that evoke the forest as well as fruitiness like cherries and red berries. As a wine, it has a light or medium body and a bright acidity. It is fun to sip while gazing at the ocean and a great accompaniment to a tray of delicious snacks!

Pinot Gris is a white wine grape, a close relative to the Pinot Noir grape, but with a “grayish” skin. It makes a dry, semi-sweet, fruit-forward wine with hints of pear, apple, even citrus. It is crisp and refreshing, the perfect accompaniment to seafood, such as salmon, oysters, clams, crab – all those goodies that are available locally in season.

But Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris aren’t all that we feature! We also have a variety of locally made rosés. These wines have just a hint or a blush of red grape coloring and a clean acidity, too. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are two other locally produced whites we have on hand; they are similar in that they are both fruity and herbaceous. They are also good to drink with seafood. And our locally made sparkling wines provide the perfect bubbly flair for your oceanside celebrations. Find a full list of the wines available in our Wine Cove here.

Why local wines?

Kristin Roslund, co-operator of Overleaf Properties with her husband Drew, started the Wine Cove as a way to highlight local, family-owned vineyards within the Prairie Mountain Wineries group just to the east of the coastal mountain range.

“Over the years I have built relationships with all of them, which we love, because we are all small, family businesses,” Kristin says. “They are just over the Coast Range from us. So, they are as local as you can get. I tell the guests, if you could throw a rock over those mountains just behind us, you would hit them.”

Local wines are a great match – the perfect beverage – for an ocean getaway. Whether you like white, red, rosé or sparkling varieties, our Wine Cove has something for you. And we have keepsake logo glasses, too – everything you need to enjoy a memorable glass of wine. Sip in your room, take a bottle home. Local Oregon wines are truly one-of-a-kind.

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