Bob Meyer Glass

Bob Meyer’s Hand-Blown Glass Floats Are Easy To Admire

For quite some time now, Overleaf Lodge & Spa has been supporting local artists and their beautiful works by displaying their art throughout the hotel as well as offering some of these fine works for sale.

Recently added to the art available for sale are glass floats by local artist Bob Meyer.

These floats are hand-blown and come in an amazing array of colors, sizes and styles, including sitting floats, hanging floats and even ones with lights!

“One of our employees loves Bob’s floats and buys them each year for Christmas presents,” says Kristin Roslund, co-operator of Overleaf Lodge & Spa.

Kristin had been wanting to include a local glass float maker’s works in the lobby at Overleaf Lodge and next door at The Fireside Motel’s Village Gift Gallery, which was remodeled in November. “Bob inspired me to hang the floats from the ceiling. I am so grateful, as this is the most special touch to our new gallery. Truly beautiful,” Kristin says.

Fishing Floats By Way Of Japan

On Bob’s website Ocean Beaches Glassblowing, he details how Japan’s fishing fleets started using glass floats in their fishing nets in the early 1900s. Over time, as floats broke free of the netting, they would follow the “north-flowing Kuriosho Current of the western Pacific, then move clockwise through the North Pacific Gyre to travel through the Arctic and along the entire Pacific shores of North America.”

Seen as “good-will messengers,” the glass floats were a finder’s treasure, for sure.

Although Japanese floats are now a rare find on Oregon’s beaches, Oregon glass artists continue the tradition of planting floats along the coast to the delight of treasure seekers.

Affordable And Unforgettable

For as little as $35 for a small glass float, guests can take home Bob’s beautiful work for an unforgettable keepsake. Kristin loves to support local artists because it keeps money in the local economy, for one thing. Making art available to guests to purchase also cuts down on the environmental impact and costs of shipping.

“I could go on and on,” Kristin says about Bob’s glass floats.

Visitors will just have to see them for themselves! Visit the lobby inside Overleaf Lodge and Spa or stop by next door at The Fireside Motel’s Village Gift Gallery to see their wonderful display.

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