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Pride of the Pelicans

Walking along the 804 Trail, just outside of Overleaf Lodge and Spa, visitors are bound to see pelicans—so easy to identify with that familiar gular pouch at their necks.

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Whale Watching

Whales are visible nearly year-round along the Oregon Coast, and seeing them is always thrilling. Around here, you can see whales atop Cape Perpetua at the stone shelter, or along the shoreline from Yachats State Park, or from the 804 Trail.

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Max & Quill, Beloved Sea Lions

Two well-loved sea lion residents of the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Max and his half-sister Quill, recently passed away after a long and healthy life of 30 years.

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Meditate with the Ocean

Watching ocean waves crash and fish swim is deeply centering. Find peace in the pace of the sea stars and the movement of swimming rock fish.

  • Walks With Drew: Tidepools

Walks With Drew: Tidepools

Join Drew as he explores the tidepools just steps from the Overleaf Lodge.

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Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport has been a vibrant member of the coastal community since 1992. A trusted resource for ocean education and conservation, it hosts 15,000+ sea creatures native to the Pacific Northwest.

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Pacific Sea Nettles

Pacific sea nettles are beautiful, photogenic and fascinating to watch as they move aimlessly through the water. Utterly different than humans, they appear to be living a carefree life.

  • Sleeping Sea Otter

Watching the Marine Life

Today, I’m watching the animals a few miles north of Overleaf Lodge. Both the Newport Aquarium and its next-door neighbor the Hatfield Marine Science Center have video cameras live streaming the antics of their marine residents.