Historic Family Photo

Georgia Roslund purchasing the Fireside Motel

In this four-part series, we share a bit of history about Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel.

Running the Overleaf Lodge and the Fireside Motel has been a labor of love for the Roslund Family since 1981. From its earliest moments, these ocean-front accommodations have succeeded through the work of family – the Overleaf Family – composed of a team of committed staff members, guests who return again and again, and the Roslund family itself.

This family business all began on a whim. Jerry Roslund heard from a friend in Portland that the Fireside Motel might be for sale. Jerry drove down the coast, met the Annikers who were the owners at the time, and had an earnest money agreement in hand when he left on Monday.

Jerry joked that Lloyd Anniker charged him full rate for the room even after Jerry gave him the earnest money! Jerry returned to Portland where he and his wife, Georgia, assembled a partnership of relatives and Portland-area friends to complete the Fireside purchase.

At the time, the Fireside was 39 rooms and included the north-facing 17 rooms and the 22-rooms on the oceanfront. (Note that there is no room #13, due to the historical superstition associated with the number 13.)

Family lore includes the story of how Jerry visited the lone Yachats bank in 1981, introduced himself to the manager and told him he had just bought the Fireside Motel. “You did what?!” exclaimed the manager. “Don’t you know that this town is shutting down? You will be the last one out of town, so be sure to turn out the lights!” Oregon was in a deep recession at the time and no one was buying property, especially not a hotel in a rural, central Oregon Coast beach town.

Jerry, having graduated with a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree from Washington State University in the late 1950s, had a soft spot for the hospitality business and wanted to own a lodging property. He and Georgia oversaw the management through the 1980s and early 1990s. During this time, they added on to the lobby and added rooms 41-43 and Room 56, which subsequently has been remodeled into a 2-bedroom suite called the ‘Family Nest.’

Read about how the Overleaf Lodge was constructed just north of the Fireside Motel, here.

Guest Room

A guest room in 1981

Fireside Historic Photo

The east side of the Fireside Motel, 1981

Fireside History Photo

The west side of the Fireside Motel, 1981

Fireside Current Photo

The west side of the Fireside Motel, 2020