With the combination of the ocean and nearby rivers and lakes, avid water sport enthusiasts and recreational visitors alike will find endless opportunities for swimming, surfing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, paddle boarding and more near Yachats and the Overleaf Lodge & Spa.


Surfing is a popular activity on the Oregon Coast, and you’ll often spot surfers in well-known spots riding the waves throughout the year. There are surf lessons offered on the beaches surrounding Yachats for any level. Otter Rock is recognized as the best beginner surf spot by Outside Magazine, and it’s less than an hour’s drive from the Overleaf Lodge & Spa. Closer to the Lodge, Tillicum beach is also known for surfing. Whatever beach you choose, be sure to properly prepare yourself for the ocean. To surf you will need a board, a wet or dry suit and an adventurous attitude. Newport, less than an hour away from Yachats, has a plentiful supply of surf shops with gear for rent and purchase.


Kayaking is popular in Alsea Bay, which is a short drive away. You can rent kayaks and also book a kayaking tour at Waldport Kayak Shack Rental. The tours offer kayaking lessons and information about the ecosystem and history of the landmarks in Waldport. Each tour is two and a half hours long and can accommodate novice to advanced kayakers. Wildlife viewing during the tours is plentiful. Expect sights of peregrine falcons and close encounters with harbor seals.

Kayaking is dependent on the tides, so go with the flow and schedule your trip so that you are traveling with the current. Weather on the coast can change without warning so wear appropriate clothing such as rain gear and waterproof shoes. Be prepared with water, snacks and a change of clothes and shoes for anything that might happen on the water.

Boogie Boarding and Skim Boarding

For those looking for a ride closer to the shore, try out a boogie or a skim board. Boogie boards are about half the size of surfboards and give riders more control. Boogie boarding can be done on the belly as you ride the waves in with the tide. Skim boarding is done very close to the shore. Skim boards are also much smaller than surf boards and allow the rider to glide on about an inch of seawater. Local shops can offer more tips on boogie boarding and skim boarding along the coast.


When the conditions are right, Alsea Bay is an incredible spot for windsurfing. Before you head out be sure to check the weather conditions. A wet or dry suit is recommended because the water temperatures can be chilly, especially in the winter and spring. At the south end of Waldport, Patterson Memorial State Park is a popular place to surf and is less than ten minutes away from Overleaf Lodge & Spa.


Swimming on the Oregon Coast is a thrilling, chilly experience. The coastal waters temperature hovers around 50 degrees Farenheit. Swimming in the open coastal waters is considered dangerous, and requires a lot of skill. Always swim with a partner. For those who wish to take a swim in fresh water, take a trip up to Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park which has two freshwater lakes: Cleawox and Woahink.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding (aka SUPing) is fun and low-key adventure. The sport originated in Hawaii more than forty years ago and has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world. SUPing is easiest to learn on the flat water, but can be mastered anywhere year-round.