Sleeping Sea OtterToday, I’m watching the animals a few miles north of Overleaf Lodge. Both the Newport Aquarium and its next-door neighbor the Hatfield Marine Science Center have video cameras live streaming the antics of their marine residents.

I am seeing the otters at the Newport Aquarium by controlling the camera and switch the direction of my gaze until I see the otters playing at the back of the pool. At the seabird enclosure, I zoom in on a horned puffin lounging on a rock, while murres dive into the water. Archives are also available of past video footage of these two enclosures.

I navigate to the shark tank, where a school of fish are swimming in a circle near the observation tunnel, which is normally full of people, and a tiger shark swims right in front of the camera. Watching them swim is unexpectedly tranquil, and I find myself gazing into the darker depths to find larger sharks, or hopefully a ribbontail ray.

Next, I turn to the Hatfield Marine Science Center, where I search for an octopus on the octocam. I’m not sure I if I am seeing an actual octopus or what my mind imagines is an octopus. I turn to the video just below and enjoy watching one interact with water that’s being poured from a toy watering can.

I return to the shark tank, and I am once again mesmerized by the beauty of a thousand swimming fish.

Bird Cam