804 Trail
Walking the 804 Trail is a highlight of each day at Overleaf Lodge. In the foggy mist, in sunshine and in lively storms, experiencing the mood of the ocean is centering. The subtle, yet perceptible minute-by-minute change of the tide, the rhythmic roll of each wave, and the alarm cry of a bird, is an existential homecoming. Breathing the salt-spray air, I feel embraced into something much larger than myself, and my brain, overactive with worries, finally relinquishes into calm.

Walk with me today on the trail.

Enjoy this 30-minute evening amble along the 804 Trail. Starting at the Smelt Sands State Recreation Site, hike north past the Overleaf Lodge and watch the ocean spray as waves crash on the rocks. Continue north to the beach and peek into the caves and walk along the edge of the waves. Turning around, return while watching the sun sink, and the waves rushing up basalt channels with a crash. With no music or narration, hear the crashing waves as feet softly crunch the small rocks of the trail.
For a much shorter stroll, check out this video, starting at Yachats State Park and walking north. Take a brief turn through the Ya’Xaik Trail and Gerdmann Gardens to wonder at the Grandma Spruce, and then return to the ocean’s edge to watch the water in its persistent surge and retreat.