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Walks with Drew: Our Properties

Walk with Drew around the Fireside Motel and Overleaf Lodge properties. Learn a bit about the Fireside Motel renovations, the construction and additions of the Overleaf Lodge and Overleaf Village, home to the Overleaf Cottage Rentals.

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Walks with Drew: Ya’Xaik Trail

Across the street and to the east of the Fireside Motel and Overleaf Lodge is the Ya’Xaik trailhead.

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Max & Quill, Beloved Sea Lions

Two well-loved sea lion residents of the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Max and his half-sister Quill, recently passed away after a long and healthy life of 30 years.

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Meditate with the Ocean

Watching ocean waves crash and fish swim is deeply centering. Find peace in the pace of the sea stars and the movement of swimming rock fish.

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Walks with Drew: Overleaf Lodge Plants

For many years, owner Drew Roslund has shared with guests his enthusiasm and knowledge of the plants that grow on the Overleaf Lodge property. 

  • Walks With Drew: Tidepools

Walks With Drew: Tidepools

Join Drew as he explores the tidepools just steps from the Overleaf Lodge.

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Walk with Drew on the 804 Trail

Perhaps you’ve been on a walk with Drew Roslund, one of the owners of Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel. For years, he’s captivated visitors by sharing his extensive knowledge of the geology, history, plants and ecology of the Yachats area.

  • Oregon Coast Odyssey

Oregon Coast Odyssey

Revisit your favorite spots on the Oregon Coast. Enjoy rainbows over the ocean, Heceta Head Lighthouse in the evening, and Sea Lion Caves. See the ocean spray as it crashes against the jagged cliffs, and the sea foam at Devil’s Churn at Cape Perpetua.

  • Yachats

Yachats: Gem of the Oregon Coast

Several signs around town proclaim that Yachats is “The Gem of the Oregon Coast” – and we agree! This brief tour of Yachats provides snapshots of the many reasons why so many love this place.

  • 804 Trail

Walking the 804

Walking the 804 Trail is a highlight of each day at Overleaf Lodge. In the foggy mist, in sunshine and in lively storms, experiencing the mood of the ocean is centering.

  • Sleeping Sea Otter

Watching the Marine Life

Today, I’m watching the animals a few miles north of Overleaf Lodge. Both the Newport Aquarium and its next-door neighbor the Hatfield Marine Science Center have video cameras live streaming the antics of their marine residents.

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The Underwater World of Heceta Bank

This video, created by Oregon State University, explores the geological conditions that created an bank extending 35 miles offshore from Cape Perpetua.