Yachats has an abundance of tide pools that are home to an array of aquatic critters, including giant green anemones, ochre sea stars, purple sea urchins and more. The Overleaf Lodge & Spa is within a short distance of beaches known for tide pools rich in diverse aquatic life.

For the best chance of finding tide pools, head to the ocean about one hour before low tide. In Yachats, the state parks have rocky areas near the shore where you are more likely to find tide pools.

Tide pools are divided into two zones, spray and low tide. Animals such as acorn barnacles, can survive outside of the water for long periods of and are found in the spray zone. Other animals such as purple sea urchins are found in the low tide zone.

Tide Pools - Yachats Oregon

Close to town, Yachats State Recreation Area has a terrain that provides the ideal location for tide pools to form. Near Thor’s Well and Cook’s Chasm at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, tide pools are often found along the rocky shore. In Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint, Strawberry Hill is a popular spot to explore tide pools. Past the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, there are two beaches that are known for tidepooling. Cobble Beach has visible basalt rock that reveals tide pools as the tide goes out. The beach below Heceta Head Lighthouse also has tide pools that are filled with sea life.

While you can touch or hold some of the sea creatures, don’t remove any sea life from the tide pools. Although these animals can withstand the force of large waves, they are easily damaged by human visitors so be mindful as you view. Tidepool animals can be trampled by careless steps. Travel slowly and carefully, being mindful that rocks and algae can be slippery. Always be aware of the ocean and the changing tide. Stay on marked trails, as many tide pools are located near unstable headlands and bluffs.