Roslund Family

Drew, Kristin, Lily, Cooper, Riley

Roslund Family Generations

Three Generations at Overleaf Lodge: Riley, Georgia, Jerry, Drew, Kristin, Lily, & Cooper

This is the last of a four-part series about the history of Fireside Motel, Overleaf Lodge and the Overleaf Family. You may want to read about the Fireside Motel, construction of Overleaf Lodge, and learn about the Overleaf Family before reading this post.

Growing up first on a construction site and then at a hotel in a small coastal town was the atypical childhood of the Roslund children: Riley, Cooper and Lily.

With few opportunities for playing with children their own ages, they made friends with guests and older Yachats residents at church. Staff members and guests enjoyed witnessing the family’s adventures. Kristin purchased a child’s tea set and would walk the children down to the lobby for an activity of afternoon “tea” that was really hot cocoa. Like all children, the kids enjoyed pushing each other through the hallways on luggage carts.

As the children grew older, Riley, Cooper and Lily helped with the unending essential tasks of housekeeping and maintenance, staffing the spa and kitchen and assisting guests at the front desk. Kristin remembers Lily once working as an attendant in the spa. On her break, she escaped to the family’s apartment for dinner and, overwhelmed, began to cry. Kristin went back to the spa with Lily to help, only to have Lily lecture her mother on how to do the laundry properly. Even today, when Kristin is in the spa doing laundry, she still hears the voice of her daughter directing her on what to do and the proper techniques.

A few years ago, when Drew and Kristin needed marketing photos of a couple enjoying the amenities of the properties, Riley and his girlfriend, Sam, stepped up to help. You will see photos throughout the Overleaf Lodge website of the two of them sitting in a jacuzzi tub in a guest room, enjoying a picnic by the ocean, taking in the view from a deck and enjoying the spa.

Although they have their sights set on other professions, their children are still an integral part of running the family business. In addition to their own jobs and schooling, they help cover maternity leaves and absences, filling in wherever needed, whether for a weekend or for the season. This past summer, Cooper and girlfriend, Rylee, having just graduated from the University of Idaho, came to help on weekends while holding down jobs in Portland. The need for housekeepers is unending, and the kids know that their skills and time are always valued and appreciated.

“Drew and I moved to Yachats 24 years ago as young kids, just doing what the elders told us to do,” says Kristin. “Now, our babies, who we had on this land, continue to come and help out.”

This adventure, started on a whim by Jerry and Georgia when they purchased the Fireside Motel, has become much more than a picturesque lodging spot on the Oregon Coast. Through years of laughter and sometimes tears, the Roslund Family, staff members and guests have become the Overleaf Family.

Lily Baking

Lily makes breakfast in the kitchen

Kids Housekeeping

Cooper and Lily help with housekeeping

Riley at the Front Desk

Riley helps guests at the front desk

Riley and Sam

Riley and Sam model for marketing photos