The Underwater World of Heceta Bank

This video, created by Oregon State University, explores the geological conditions that created a bank extending 35 miles offshore from Cape Perpetua. It is a rich habitat for sand-loving biomes, anchovies, sardines, flat fish, lanternfish and the place where multiple marine animals interact.

The color of the ocean is different, even visible from the air, indicating that the chlorophyll in the water is rich with phytoplankton. OSU marine scientists and other experts explain this diverse area, which kick-starts the food chain. Scientists working with fisherman collaborate to protect it.

Through illustrations, map charts and outstanding videography, this video will help you understand the oceanography and geology of the area and explain why Cape Perpetua is now a marine reserve.

You may even be surprised how Heceta Bank is pronounced!

Heceta Bank – Oregon’s Hidden Wonder

Source: Oregon State University
Time: 26:20

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