It was our 23rd wedding anniversary. 🙂
We are from Eugene and have stayed at the Overleaf several times over the years. I was there  Feb. 14, 2017 with my Mom for her 91st birthday, but before that it had been many, many years. Our go-to place has always been the Cliff House in Waldport, but when Sharon didn’t have availability, we found the Overleaf did. We used the spa and spa services for the first time as a couple and were totally blissed out.
I had s’mores with T, a totally delightful encounter with an unusual and interesting person.

Here is one of the poems my husband, Peter Jensen, wrote last weekend at the Overleaf. It’s a sonnet, in case you don’t recognize the rather virtuoso form 🙂

Evening Surf
The tide is coming in, and the waves break
About ten seconds apart and three feet high.
The west wind is soft and mellow. The sun
Is four fingers up and golden yellow.

Lovers sit out on the rocks like dark sea birds.
Gray whales snort exhales off shore to the north.
We’re all breathing this ion blue air,
All animals in love with life on Earth.

I study the engine of the surf roll over air
And trap it into white foamy bubbles
That roar and burst and release clear gas as each
Wave slides up-shore transparent as green light.

This is the ocean’s quiet time, the end
Of this long day, a cycle moving through.

                                    —Peter Jensen
                                                  21 July 2017
                                                  Overleaf Lodge

Photo from the Jensens’ visit to Overleaf