The Creel Family

The Creel Family

Written by Ralph E. Ahseln

The breathtaking Oregon coast of greens and browns and gold.

Just outside my window, the Pacific Ocean changes color and shape at every blink of my eye. The once storm angry waves collide against the sculptured rocks just a few feet away from me, then once again they pull back at tidal low, to lie there in gentle swells.

The sunsets that inspire and storms that excite. Sometimes the fog wraps around me, at another time, crystal sunshine warms me as I walk the paths or beach or rocks nearby.

It really isn’t all that special.

Overleaf lodge isn’t all that special either.
Those gracious folks who care for travelers.
The staff who take the extra steps to make my stay so very nice, who know my name and treat me as a long known friend.
Who smile and laugh at my terrible jokes, my silly questions or who just show concern when kindness is needed.
From the management and front desk, to the kitchen staff who bring hearty breakfasts to grumpy morning guests, and to the housekeepers who keep the rooms spotless and cozy, all deliver what we travelers wish for, a home away from home.

No, they aren’t that special.

Not so special too, are the facilities there. A hot tub with an ocean view where I can set and watch whales passing by on their yearly journey. There are the gentle massages and treatments for my weary body and exercise equipment to keep muscles trim. Those and much much more.

Like I said, It’s not all that special.

The quiet town of Yachats, it’s restaurants and shops.
The Slower pace of life and relaxed way of living.

None of it is … All THAT special

That’s why for over 20 years my family and I have come to the Overleaf Lodge in Yachats Oregon.
In fact, ALL of it is SO… not so SPECIAL… that we plan on coming back…
Again and again and again and again.

It’s just THAT Special.

Ralph E. Ahseln | Camas, WA
April 2017

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