Susy Gomez

Susy Margarita Gomez

“Strawberry Sunrise”

The ocean has always called to me, I am fascinated by how quickly it can shift from peaceful to turbulent. The waves hypnotically rolling along the coast are not only a reminder of how powerful the ocean is, but I personally find it meditative and soul healing to watch.

When I planned my first trip to Yachats, I was drawn to Cape Perpetua, specifically wanting to photograph and experience the beauty that is Thor’s Well. I went for my birthday and fell in love. I returned this January when I took this photo.

I plan my trips so I can enjoy my passion of photography. The morning I took this photograph, I woke up early anxious to see what the ocean and the sunrise had in store for me. There had been multiple storms recently and the tide was fierce. I climbed down the rocks a bit and waited. As the sun rose a hue of strawberry caught the horizon. I patiently waited and counted out how long it took each wave to crash into the rocks and send a beautiful splash into the sky. This, was my favorite moment I captured that morning; the ocean powerful and stunning. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to capture this moment.

Photography and nature are my therapy. I love to find beautiful moments and places to share with others. I love to take the time to manually shoot my photo’s at the shutter speed, focus, and aperture exactly how I intend to print it. I am a purest and believe in taking the time in the moment to get the image right, as it was done before photoshop existed.

I love Yachats, Oregon and plan to keep on trying to make a yearly trip from Reno, NV camera in hand and heart full of eagerness to take in all the charm of the town and the beauty the area has to offer.  – Susy Margarita Gomez

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