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See the Wind Everywhere You Look

The next time you walk along the beach during your stay at the Overleaf Lodge & Spa in Yachats, take a moment to watch the wind in action. True, wind isn’t really visible in the obvious sense – not like the way we feel it and hear it.

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Sea Foam on the Oregon Coast

Walking along the beach at the Oregon Coast, you can’t miss noticing sea foam. Hugging the shoreline, this spume comes in with the waves and settles on the sand in drifts and clumps that can look as scummy as dirty dishwater suds or as white as fresh snow.

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Top 10 Winter Activities

The Oregon Coast in winter can be exhilarating or a comforting retreat, depending on what you are seeking. Sometimes the day calls for an adventure where you feel the salt spray in the air or the spring of the moss-covered forest floor.

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Whale Watching

Whales are visible nearly year-round along the Oregon Coast, and seeing them is always thrilling. Around here, you can see whales atop Cape Perpetua at the stone shelter, or along the shoreline from Yachats State Park, or from the 804 Trail.

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Top 5 places for winter storm watching

Winter storms on the Oregon Coast are the stuff of legends. Watching giant waves race toward the shore, then violently crash and spray against the rock formations is a not-to-be forgotten experience.

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King Tides

Each winter, guests come to the coast to see the king tides. Combined with a storm, these extreme high tides are spectacular to watch and deserve both respect and distance.

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High Tides and Rough Seas

The ocean is the music of our community – we hear its song everywhere. And, from its song, we know its mood. Watching King Tides is an epic experience. These extreme high tides are highest in the winter and occur a few times each year when the moon is closest to the Earth.

  • Waves of the Oregon Coast

Waves of the Oregon Coast

We love watching the waves roll in. Sitting, breathing the salt air and watching the waves provides a sense of calm. Sit with us on the balcony and watch the waves.