Sunset BeachI walked to the Luna Sea Fish House in the heart of Yachats last Thursday. While I was reading the menu posted on the wall outside the main entrance, a staff member approached me and asked if he could take my order. Right there, outside. No line, no waiting.

I stood in the sunshine while my order was prepared and actually contemplated grabbing an ice cream cone from Toppers (starters, anyone?). Earlier that afternoon, I’d hiked the Amanda Trail from the Stone Shelter at Cape Perpetua to Yachats and encountered only two other people.  I love being in Yachats during the week!

Before long, my food was ready. As I walked toward Ocean View Drive to dine at a picnic table with an unparalleled view of the ocean, I looked over at the inviting-yet-empty patio at Ona Restaurant. Yachats would be bustling in the coming weekend, but right now it was all mine and pure heaven.

I’ve compiled my top reasons why midweek is the best time to be here, but let’s keep this list between the two of us, OK? We wouldn’t want all of Oregon to know what I (and now you) know!

Tasha Trail
Top 9 reasons to be here midweek: 

No. 9:  Lodging Promotions. During the week, off seasons and sometimes during the summer, Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel offer 20% off the Sunday through Thursday nightly room rate when you bring canned food to support the food drive. Collected food is donated to Food Share of Lincoln County, the Yachats Food Pantry, and the Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel employee emergency food pantry. What a win-win-win.

No. 8: Clear Skies. Hear me out on this one. How many times have you been looking forward to the weekend. The work-week weather is lovely and you are so excited. Then it rains all day Saturday. Sunday afternoon, just as you start to head back home, the clouds break and the sun starts to peek through. I have yet to do a scientific study, but I’m confident the weather is better during the week.

No 7: Private Art Gallery. The tranquility of Overleaf Lodge is more profound during the week when fewer guests are there and I feel like I have the place to myself. I like to wander the halls and lobby to experience the extensive art collection. With so many pieces on every floor, it feels like an art gallery (don’t miss seeing the tide-pool glass sculpture from the second floor!).

No. 6: Sunday Sunsets. Perhaps it is from the clouds clearing Sunday afternoon (see reason No. 8), but the sunsets on Sunday evenings are something special. My personal theory of why Sunday sunsets are the best is the unconscious (or conscious) knowledge that everyone else is dreading going back to work.

No 5: A Room with a View. I love staying at the Overleaf Lodge and the Fireside Motel. I know I’m not the only one who has a specific room I like to stay in each time, and getting that room during the week is so much easier. Bonus: more massage appointments are available on Thursdays and Mondays, so I can schedule my massage at the time of day I like best.

No. 4: Easy Parking. Have you ever tried to park at the Hobbit Trail Trailhead on a summer weekend? Or pull over at Cook’s Chasm to see the Spouting Horn or Thor’s Well? During the week, you can easily pull in, park, hike, or visit a restaurant easily. It is even easier during the school year.

No. 3: No Traffic. The ultimate drive is to ride in the passenger seat heading south from Yachats to the pull-out overlooking Florence. Is it selfish to want it all to myself? Keep your view of the best coastline vista in the world without many vehicles or large RVs. Enjoy a clear Highway 101 without a string of cars waiting for someone to make a left-hand turn.

No. 2: Live Like a Local. Yachats residents enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. Locals spend the evenings with a glass of wine on the deck or balcony. As the daytime visitors return inland and the hustle of the day smooths into quiet restoration, we walk along the 804 Trail, keeping an eye out for spouting whales, wildflowers and brown pelicans.

If your work can be done remotely, you can enjoy all of this serenity without taking time off. Perhaps you will need a virtual background of your home office so your co-workers don’t suspect that you are actually working from a balcony at Overleaf Lodge. You may also need to put yourself on mute so the ocean waves and cries of birds don’t give you away.

No. 1: No crowds. From hiking through the verdant temperate rain forest to sitting and watching the ocean waves crash onto basalt rock formations, there is no place as tranquil and soul-soothing as Yachats. We are drawn to the ocean, and for many it is deeply spiritual. Being here when there are few other people is transformative.

Everything I love about it here, in Yachats, is even better during the week. My hikes are a solitary quest. Watching the ocean is an experience of renewal and recharge. No other Oregon Coast town has the authentic feel of Yachats. It is quaint, walkable, charming and truly special. During the week and off season, it’s even more breathtaking.