Overleaf TrailAfter retiring from a career in the San Francisco Bay area, Bob Wilson and his wife, Joyce, lived in Yachats and Waldport, Oregon, until his death in 2011. For several years, Bob worked part-time as one of the desk clerks at the Overleaf Lodge and the Fireside Motel. Bob was a prolific poet, and we will be sharing a few of his poems with you. This first poem highlights the feelings of being here, at this special place.

The Lodge & The 804

From this stately lodge
On an upper floor,
I looked down
Upon an awesome shore –
And the 804.

The 804,
A walking trail –
From young and robust
To the old and frail,
Endless thousands
Have walked this trail.

They all were struck
By the gripping view.
Each time you look
The view is new;
The raging waves
Strike the shore
And then rush back
To come once more.

I feel the auras,
Like friendly ghosts –
Close my eyes
And see this coast,
Mighty sea and awesome host.

Robert Wilson, 2001

Overleaf Balcony