Patsee ocean oil

Known for her landscape and seascape paintings depicting scenes from the Pacific Northwest, Patsee Parker has been painting professionally for almost fifty years. From her studio and gallery in Waldport, Parker has found inspiration among the sand and waves of the Pacific Ocean. Her gallery showcasing her painting and collages, originally named The Paint Box and now called the West Light, is one of the oldest art galleries on the Oregon Coast. Its name refers to the “soft, gentle, golden light in late afternoon” that shines from the west and horizon over the ocean before sunset. Preferring to paint plein air, Parker captures the diverse landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Her popular seascape collages using sand, a technique that she invented herself, are some of the artistic highlights of her long career as an artist. Parker continues to stretch her own canvasses and frame her own paintings.

Find her work at the Overleaf Lodge & Spa, as well as on her website


Patsee Parker