What makes Overleaf Lodge special and memorable for you? Do you have a photo or video that encapsulates your love for the Lodge and/or the Yachats area?

We look forward to hear your story & sharing it with other guests and our community!

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Guest Submissions

  • Taysia_Malone_3

Taysia Malone

  • Sharon Sullivan Guest Experience

Sharon Sullivan

  • LInda McMoy

Linda McMoy

  • 32720226_1034449930036752_2456973300518092800_o (1)

Sally Neely

  • Sunset at the Overleaf

Auleen Duffy

  • Patti Collins Ocean Rainbow

Patti Collins

  • The Simpsons Overleaf Experience

The Simpsons

  • Quilting Workshop Three Participants

Erica Ericcson

  • DavidClemOL

The Starrs

  • Sunset with Neil Shielia Eschenfelder - Overleaf Lodge

Neil & Shielia

  • jennifereaton-suburbanChristiandatenightatol

The Eatons

  • JeffMcKayRuningYachats

Jeff McKay

  • Kathy M - Overleaf Lodge Experience

Kathy M.

  • matt_f

Matt F.

  • dick_hart

Dick Hart

  • Jan_Weston

Jan Weston

  • debbie_hinze

Debbie Hinze

  • arlys-sanborn

Arlys & Jim Sanborn

  • OL-Experience-Michael_Urvina

Michael Urvina

  • ThorsWell

Michael Spurgeon

  • DavidClemOL

David Clem

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