Brenda Stebbeds – Massage Manager

Brenda has a special skill that we are thrilled to have at Overleaf Lodge & Spa. With deep experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), she also has an extensive background helping other massage therapist succeed in our common goal of serving clients.

“Massage is not just a ‘back rub’ that anyone can do,” says Brenda. “Professionally trained and skilled therapists perform magical work that you cannot experience at the massage chairs in the mall. Massage is unique, in that it takes strong focus to set aside one’s personal agenda each day and meet each client where they are at, in that very moment.”

To provide our guests an exceptional experience, Brenda works to identify LMTs who share this philosophy to become part the Overleaf Spa team. In addition to providing team members support, she oversees safety protocols to keep clients, therapists and staff healthy and happy while in our treatment rooms.

Brenda began her journey over 13 years ago with an initial goal of helping others feel better. Today, she is an adjunct instructor for the massage therapy departments at both Lane Community College and Rogue Community College. She is also the owner of Urban Therapeutic, a wellness and therapeutic products boutique in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

Brenda lives in Eugene, with her family and dogs, Waldo and Frida. Several times each month she travels to Yachats to breathe the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful views and work, here at Overleaf Spa.


Erin Villalobos

With over 20 years of experience, Erin Villalobos has practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in a variety of settings, including clinical, day spa, hotel spa and resort spa. She loves working with clients and making their massage the highlight of their day.

“Few jobs have such an ideal setting,” says Erin. “Great lighting, relaxing music, yummy smells, warm sheets and all of the resources and products help make the experience amazing!”

Erin encourages clients to let go of any self-consciousness related their body when receiving a massage and in all aspects of life. “Massage therapists are all about acceptance, and we want to make you feel comfortable and self-accepting.”

Sometimes, clients are unsure which kind of massage they want. A good massage therapist, she says, will adjust pressure and techniques according to how your body responds. “Clients only need to breathe—I will respond to your muscles’ wishes,” she says. “My goal is to use all the tools and knowledge at my disposal to create a healing and relaxing session in a very customized way.”

She encourages clients to provide information and feedback during their session to ensure their comfort, like avoiding a specific area of the body, adjusting the table temperature, or conveying other preferences. “I want each experience to be memorable and positive. I put everything into each guest, and find it gratifying to give them a great massage and then send them on their way with some good tips or recommendations for when they return home.”

Erin lives with her family in Eugene, Oregon, but Yachats is where she loves to be. “Yachats has a raw beauty to it. Guests who appreciate Yachats like I do are my kind of people!” she says. “I really love hiking in the forest and walking the coast. These remote, quiet places of natural beauty allow me to be alone, think and decompress. My goal is to live here someday.”


Karen Rangitsch

A Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2003, Karen enjoys her profession where she can be physically active and work with clients who look forward to receiving her care. Karen always wants her clients to feel they can direct their massage experience. “I ask my clients if they would like more or less pressure, or if they would like the table to be warmer or cooler. I hope by asking what they want they will find the voice to let me know what they are wishing would happen.”

As a resident of Newport, Karen enjoys walking on the beach and seeing boats enter and exit Newport Bay. Watching wildlife play, especially birds and seals, is centering for her, and she enjoys going to plays and listening to live music. Her favorite thing to do, however, is hanging out with her two grown sons.

Renee Sorseth

Renee Sorseth

Renee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for over 20 years and enjoys the opportunity it creates to meet people from all different walks of life. She also loves to learn and is fascinated with anatomy, physiology and energy. “I feel lucky to be in a profession that requires me to always be learning something new,” Renee shares.

Having always been drawn to the ocean, she feels Yachats is a very special place.  In her spare time, she enjoys photographing life, hiking, practicing hot yoga, and paddle boarding.