Overleaf Lodge & Spa is your basecamp for the celestial event of the century. The resort is located just outside the path of totality for the Oregon Solar Eclipse, meaning there is relatively easy access to dozens of optimal viewing points along the coast on August 21, 2017.

More concerned about escaping crowds than joining them? The Overleaf is just close enough the action to celebrate the Eclipse without being caught in hours of traffic jams or long lines. The Overleaf will have Eclipse viewing glasses for the first 100 guests that check in with a Monday stay. Guests are encouraged to make a weekend, enjoying the best of what Overleaf has to offer, from spa services to scenic strolls along the beach and hiking along adjacent trails. There will be a complimentary wine tasting and bonfire on Sunday night on the eve of the Eclipse. Overleaf owner Kristin Roslund encourages weekend guests to extend their stay to avoid the hassle of battling traffic.   

For those determined to get a front row seat along the path of totality, there are plenty of viewing options. The state parks and public lands surrounding Overleaf Lodge & Spa will be popular sites to view the total solar eclipse. The Yachats State Recreation Area, Cape Perpetua Visitor Center and Smelt Sands State Park are all expected to draw eclipse visitors. The Oregon state parks has compiled a full list of parks that provide optimal viewing locations for the event. Make sure, however, to plan well ahead as many of these parks are expected to fill in advance of the event.  

Expect lots of traffic as people flood the two-lane Highway 101. The Oregon Coast Visitors Association reports that rooms are already sold out in Newport, Lincoln City and Waldport and anticipates a standstill in traffic during the eclipse, so be sure to arrive at your location early and stay late.

Viewing Tips

Once, you’ve decided on a spot to view the eclipse, for the optimal experience be sure to take these tips into consideration.

The first thing you will need is a way to view the eclipse before totality. The only safe way to view an eclipse is through special-purpose solar filters, such as “eclipse glasses” or hand held solar viewers, such as pinhole projection. Overleaf will be providing guests to the first 100 guests that check in for a stay during the eclipse event. Solar glasses will also be available at the Newport City Commerce and other various locations.

Now, that you have figured out the location, and the way you will be viewing the eclipse, the next most important step is to allow yourself to fully experience the eclipse. The time of the eclipse is brief so make sure all your basic needs, such as food, water, comfort are cared for. The next solar eclipse in Oregon will not happen until October 5, 2108, so think of this event as a truly once in a lifetime experience.

For more information visit: www.eclipse2017.org