“Shielia & I watched for hours as nature showed off her power and grace. I don’t know how anyone gets anything done when this scene is free for the taking every day.”

My lovely overly tolerant wife Shielia and I decided we’d like to try another part of Oregon coast for our 20th wedding anniversary. Spending our too short vacation at Canon Beach 5 years ago we decided we wanted more rocks & waves. Our Corvallis resident friends recommended Depoe Bay & south.

We pored over Trip Advisor taking notice of Fireside’s listing. Showing plenty of rock surface, more than any other listing, we decided we’d give it a try and booked our stay.

Our Salt Lake City departure day arrived. Off we flew to Portland and our waiting rental car. Enduring a few missed turns, sore butts and fatigue we made it to Yachats and Fireside where their helpful staff quickly checked us in. Churning sea sounds on Fireside’s far side rumbled past as we unloaded our car but we couldn’t actually see our Oregon sea scape ‘till we walked in unit 38. Wow! It took us most of the rest of our first day to rip our eyes from the Pacific’s surf circus. Wave after wave, spout following spout, low rolling wave thunder kept us in sea foam rapture.

I love taking pictures. Teaching digital photography for University of Utah’s Continuing Education for nearly 20 years I couldn’t wait to try water motion time exposures. It was a lot of fun right from the start. Each day broke rainy, windy and cool but showed us how our gorgeous Fireside rugged break amplified each sunset’s stunning beauty. I already incorporated some images in my class material.

Fireside owns the best wave break in Yachats with rooms 38, 39 & 40 providing the best vantage point. 38’s deck made some of my best sunset & water motion shots possible. We couldn’t believe Yachats residents had any productivity in their lives when each day there ended as ours did. We had to stop & stare. Can’t wait for our next Yachats photo opp.

Thanks, Fireside. You were the Best!

Neil Eschenfelder