• Storm Clouds

We, The Storm, and I

Today, I am sharing another poem by Robert Wilson. Bob and his wife, Joyce, moved to the Yachats area during retirement, and we were fortunate to have him as a part-time desk clerk at the Overleaf Lodge and the Fireside Motel for several years.

  • Vishten

Celtic Music in Yachats

The Yachats Celtic Music Festival brings musicians and enthusiasts together from across the world for a memorable weekend that celebrates Celtic culture in November every year.

  • Overleaf Trail

Poetry of Bob Wilson

After retiring from a career in the San Francisco Bay area, Bob Wilson and his wife, Joyce, lived in Yachats and Waldport, Oregon, until his death in 2011. For several years, Bob worked part-time as one of the desk clerks at the Overleaf Lodge and the Fireside Motel. Bob was a prolific poet, and we will be sharing a few of his poems with you.