Meditate with the Ocean

Image Credit: ODFW

Watching ocean waves crash and fish swim is deeply centering. Find peace in the pace of the sea stars and the movement of swimming rock fish.

Recently, the Oregon Marine Reserves released eight one-minute video clips to deliver this calm to you, wherever you are. Dubbed “Meditation Monday,” each clip features a variety of ocean life set to tranquil musical tones.

You will see innumerable red and purple sea urchins, mysid shrimp and kelp undulating with the flow of the waves, and seaweed swaying with the current. Swim alongside a school of rock fish, and watch curious fish check out the camera. If you observe closely, you can even spy a white nudibranch (sea slug). The diversity of the ocean life is rich.

These videos were taken during monitoring surveys at various Oregon Marine Reserves, as well as areas near Humbug Mountain and Cape Foulweather. The monitoring helps scientists understand ocean changes occurring both inside and outside of the reserves.