What brings you to Yachats?

We love the quiet for our get away. The ocean brings peace, but a big bonus for me are the trails at Cape Perpetua. I love running and hiking them. Yachats has the best of everything I want, the beauty of the ocean, the hills and beautiful trails close by and a peaceful community.

I love the outdoors, but I’m an avid trail runner. I have ran at Cape Perpetua many times, far more than any trails outside of the Eugene area. I have raced in The Oregon Coast 30k which starts and ends in Yachats and does the Perpetua trails in between.

Top 3 favorite Yachats trails and why?
1. Amanda’s Trail. Not used as much and very peaceful. The views when the trail parallels 101 where you can see the ocean. The bear statues and of course Amanda’s statue. I always take a minute to stop at Amanda and say a few words to her. The trail heading up to the cape is very challenging, but extremely beautiful. Sometimes I just stop my run about halfway just to look around and be thankful to see it.

2. Gwynn Creek. For running/hiking this is the best section because it has the best footing by far, very few roots and rocks compared to the other trails. It’s a good climb (almost 3 miles) with lots of switchbacks. During the spring is my favorite time on this trail because the rains bring several small waterfalls that head down to Gwynn Creek.

3. St. Perpetua. The view from the top of the Cape is awesome. I have been at the top where it is crystal clear but down below was totally socked in with fog. You feel like you are in heaven with tree tops peaking through the fog. The rock outlook built by the CCC is pretty cool too.

– Jeff McKay
Eugene, Oregon