I didn’t know what to expect on my trip to the Oregon Coast. I had a loose plan of getting to the Overleaf and finding things to do along the beach, but I didn’t expect to run into the adventure I would find on the shoreline.

The highlight of my trip came when I began exploring the rocks a short walk from the Overleaf. At low tide I went out and picked my share of mussels, expecting to steam them and dip in melted butter when I returned home from my trip. While I was harvesting mussels, I came across kelp worms, a creature I had been told was the favorite snack of surfperch. Recognizing my luck, I figured I could try my hand at catching a couple of fish. I collected a few and ran back to the room to grab my fishing pole. After asking around I found an old man who seemed to know where the fishing was good, so I followed him out to a rock that jutted out into the incoming surf.

The old man was fishing with a set-up not too different than mine, and with a little coaching on my cast timing I was feeling the familiar tug of fish on the end of my line. Pretty soon while I was having a blast reeling in I lost track of time and realized my dinner companions were waiting for me. In just over an hour, I hauled in seven surfperch with no sign of the fishing slowing.

Though I recommend having a healthy supply of spare clothes from getting wet and sandy in the surf, my experience at the Oregon Coast was a great reminder to stay open to the host of possible activities while visiting Overleaf.  

I can’t wait to come back to the Overleaf Lodge and Spa. Next time I’m bringing a bigger cooler.

Photos from Jaden’s visit to Overleaf

Sunset At Overleaf Lodge