Overleaf Lodge, Fireside Motel and this spectacular section of the Oregon Coast is known for its beautiful, calming nature. We want to bring the serenity found at this remarkable place to you, where you are right now. Periodically, we will be posting inspirations from our gorgeous surroundings. We will be sharing things you might not already know about the history, geology, plants and wildlife of our area. It’s also where you’ll discover photos, videos and written words to foster stress relief, wellness and healing.
Welcome Back


Beginning June 1, we will again welcome guests to Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel. We have missed you! Our team is inspired by you, our guests.

Recent Inspirations

  • Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Beginning June 1, we will again welcome guests to Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel. We have missed you! Our team is inspired by you, our guests.

  • Bear Statue

Hiking the Amanda Trail

Come along with me, as I trek the Amada Trail. After a night of pounding rain that gave way to a clear morning, I eagerly head out on the trail. Standing at a clearing in the trees, I stop and gaze awestruck at the waves crashing over basalt fingers.

  • Yachats

Yachats: Gem of the Oregon Coast

Several signs around town proclaim that Yachats is “The Gem of the Oregon Coast” – and we agree! This brief tour of Yachats provides snapshots of the many reasons why so many love this place.

  • Amanda

Who Was Amanda?

Named after a blind woman who was a part of the forced march of coastal American Indians, the Amanda Trail connects Yachats and Cape Perpetua.

  • 804 Trail

Walking the 804

Walking the 804 Trail is a highlight of each day at Overleaf Lodge. In the foggy mist, in sunshine and in lively storms, experiencing the mood of the ocean is centering.

  • Heceta Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Beloved Heceta Head Lighthouse is one of the most-visited lighthouses in the United States. It is a majestic structure, with white-washed walls and red roof, dramatically perched on the headland.

  • Storm Clouds

We, The Storm, and I

Today, I am sharing another poem by Robert Wilson. Bob and his wife, Joyce, moved to the Yachats area during retirement, and we were fortunate to have him as a part-time desk clerk at the Overleaf Lodge and the Fireside Motel for several years.

  • High Tide

High Tides and Rough Seas

The ocean is the music of our community – we hear its song everywhere. And, from its song, we know its mood. Watching King Tides is an epic experience. These extreme high tides are highest in the winter and occur a few times each year when the moon is closest to the Earth.

  • Marbled Murrelets

Marbled Murrelets: On the Wing

The small, swift marbled murrelet gets all its food from the ocean and moves inland only to nest. Unlike most seabirds, murrelets are comparatively solitary. Their reproductive strategy is to be so secretive that predators don’t find their eggs, which are laid directly into a depression of a high tree limb.

  • 804 Trail

The Historic 804 Trail

A highlight of being here, at Overleaf Lodge, is the 804 Trail that ambles between the lodge and the ocean. Originally, travelers of this trail departed in Waldport, where ferries carried them across Alsea Bay. They then walked eight miles of beach, south to the basalt rock bench where Yachats sits, then followed the rugged coastline and up the Yachats River to reach fertile farmland.

  • Vishten

Celtic Music in Yachats

The Yachats Celtic Music Festival brings musicians and enthusiasts together from across the world for a memorable weekend that celebrates Celtic culture in November every year.

  • Sleeping Sea Otter

Watching the Marine Life

Today, I’m watching the animals a few miles north of Overleaf Lodge. Both the Newport Aquarium and its next-door neighbor the Hatfield Marine Science Center have video cameras live streaming the antics of their marine residents.

  • The Ya’Xaik Trail

The Ya’Xaik Trail

I am walking alone in the rain on the Ya’Xaik Trail, just east of the Overleaf Lodge & Spa and the Fireside Motel. In winter, when the leaves of the deciduous trees are nourishing the floor of the forest, I can see the forest-scape with fewer obstructions.

  • Overleaf Trail

Poetry of Bob Wilson

After retiring from a career in the San Francisco Bay area, Bob Wilson and his wife, Joyce, lived in Yachats and Waldport, Oregon, until his death in 2011. For several years, Bob worked part-time as one of the desk clerks at the Overleaf Lodge and the Fireside Motel. Bob was a prolific poet, and we will be sharing a few of his poems with you.

  • Yachats

The Best Spot on the West Coast

This seven-minute video, filmed just north of Cape Perpetua, features Oregon State University Distinguished Professor and former NOAA Chief Jane Lubchenco as she guides her grandchildren and us through tide pools filled with sea stars, anemones, hermit crabs and muscles.