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Walks with Drew: Ya’Xaik Trail

Across the street and to the east of the Fireside Motel and Overleaf Lodge is the Ya’Xaik trailhead.

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The Hobbit Trailhead

The Hobbit Trailhead, a few miles south of the Overleaf Lodge, is the starting point for three magical hiking adventures that live up to its delightful name.

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Shell Middens

Long before European settlers gazed upon these shores, American Indians had lived here for thousands of years.

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Walk with Drew on the 804 Trail

Perhaps you’ve been on a walk with Drew Roslund, one of the owners of Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel. For years, he’s captivated visitors by sharing his extensive knowledge of the geology, history, plants and ecology of the Yachats area.

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Carnivorous Plants

Situated south of Yachats and north of Florence, is the home of an unusual plant – the only carnivorous plant in the West Coast system.

  • Bear Statue

Hiking the Amanda Trail

Come along with me, as I trek the Amada Trail. After a night of pounding rain that gave way to a clear morning, I eagerly head out on the trail. Standing at a clearing in the trees, I stop and gaze awestruck at the waves crashing over basalt fingers.

  • 804 Trail

Walking the 804

Walking the 804 Trail is a highlight of each day at Overleaf Lodge. In the foggy mist, in sunshine and in lively storms, experiencing the mood of the ocean is centering.

  • 804 Trail

The Historic 804 Trail

A highlight of being here, at Overleaf Lodge, is the 804 Trail that ambles between the lodge and the ocean. Originally, travelers of this trail departed in Waldport, where ferries carried them across Alsea Bay. They then walked eight miles of beach, south to the basalt rock bench where Yachats sits, then followed the rugged coastline and up the Yachats River to reach fertile farmland.

  • The Ya’Xaik Trail

The Ya’Xaik Trail

I am walking alone in the rain on the Ya’Xaik Trail, just east of the Overleaf Lodge & Spa and the Fireside Motel. In winter, when the leaves of the deciduous trees are nourishing the floor of the forest, I can see the forest-scape with fewer obstructions.