Heather Tincher-Overholser, an Overleaf Employee of More Than 22 Years, Named General Manager

Twenty-two years ago, Heather Tincher-Overholser started working at the Fireside Motel, and shortly thereafter the then brand new Overleaf Lodge, as a housekeeper. Since then, she’s had a role in almost every aspect of the Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel operations, from the kitchen to the front desk. She was recently named the General Manager, overseeing all the operations at the resort.

Heather Tincher Overholser Photo

At 14 years old, Tincher-Overholser and her twin sister, Val, took summer jobs at the Overleaf Lodge and Fireside Motel as housekeepers. They had moved to the central Oregon coast with their mother a few years earlier. The summer jobs turned into after-school and weekend jobs as well, and by the time they graduated from high school, they were working full-time at the Overleaf and Fireside.

“I didn’t have specific career goals,” said Tincher-Overholser. She credits Overleaf owners, Drew and Kristin Roslund, for encouraging her career growth at the lodge and giving her the opportunities to grow. “The Roslunds are all about finding potential in our employees here.”

Tincher-Overholser took on roles from housekeeping to kitchen management, eventually overseeing the front desk operations of the two hotels. Two years ago she was promoted to Assistant General Manager, where she proved herself as a leader. Learning about all aspects of the hospitality industry provided a perfect foundation for her to take on the new role of General Manager.

“The Roslunds have always said, ‘You’re not working for us, you’re working with us’,” said Tincher-Overholser. That kind of perspective has kept other employees invested at the Overleaf as well. Heather’s twin sister Val now oversees the maintenance department. Some of the kitchen and front desk staff have also been there for almost two decades.

“The owners nurture you as well as the positive culture of the organization. They watch and help you grow,” said Tincher-Overholser. “Any type of education, they’re all about. Anything to do our job better, they’ll invest in us.”

Tincher-Overholser said that the Overleaf and Fireside teams have become a family to her. She said she’s excited about the future of the coastal resort and working with the team members for the real bosses, the guests. “We want to give the guests a memorable experience, and it all starts from the inside,” she said.

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