Welcoming guests as they arrive at the Overleaf Lodge & Spa, Greer’s Garden is one of many gardens teeming with floral bounty on the coastal property. Harold and Nancy Greer, longtime guests and friends of the Overleaf and Roslund family, donated the collection of plants when they retired from operating their extensive nursery in 2015.

Harold and Nancy owned a 14-acre garden and nursery in Eugene, Greer Gardens. Originally opened in the mid-1950s, the nursery was well known for its wide variety of plants, including rare species and breeds. Harold has extensive knowledge about botany, particularly rhododendrons. He experimented with crossing varieties and creating hybrid breeds of the flower, ultimately registering more than fifty varieties of rhododendrons with the American Rhododendron Society and publishing three books about rhododendrons. The popular Greer Gardens Catalog featured 4,000 varieties of plants that could be shipped all over the world.

In 2015, the Greer’s retired and closed the nursery. They donated many plants from the nursery to the Overleaf, which were used to create Greer’s Garden on the property this year. The Overleaf’s gardener Joe Moore designed the extensive garden with the donated plants, which included rosemary, boxwood, phormium, heather, Point Reyes ceanothus and hydrangeas. Joe also hand carved a sign with the name “Greer’s Garden” from driftwood on the beach. The garden provides a colorful welcome to guests as they drive into the Overleaf, as well as honors a favorite guest and friend of the lodge.

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