It’s crucial to our vision as a company to support our local community, help those in need and find ways to foster the health of the oceanfront towns we love. That’s why at Overleaf Lodge & Spa, we are constantly looking for ways to give back to the local community–it’s just the right thing to do.

We want to hear about your organization and/or campaign. But please note; over the years we have focused our community areas of support into the following categories. This allows us to support more organizations in ways that are most harmonious with our vision.

Our areas of support:

  • Green Causes (environmental organizations or causes specific to the Yachats, Newport and Florence area)
  • Youth on Track (causes that support youth development)
  • Family Wellness (fostering healthy families and children)
  • Education (local educational development efforts)

If your organization, event or campaign falls into one of the above categories, please fill out a contribution request.

As we cannot provide support to everyone, we are unable to contribute to the following groups:

  • Individuals or individual families
  • For-profit organizations
  • Political parties, programs or events

Incomplete applications or failure to describe and include information on organization and event will not be considered.

We ask that you please give us 30 days to review and respond to all donation and sponsorship requests.

Please understand that we receive an unbelievably large number of requests for donations each year and unfortunately can not accommodate all requests. 

Requests are not guaranteed.

Donation/Sponsorship Request Form

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Name of Organization *

Name of Person Submitting Request *

Contact Email *

Contact Phone Number *

Title of Event, Cause or Campaign *

Mailing Address

Organization of Event Website Link

Date of Event (if applicable)

Due Date for Request Consideration
(Please note: We require at least 30 days to review all contribution requests)

Specific Details of Your Request

Specifically, who will benefit from the funds raised with this request?

Who will be exposed to the resort as a result of the contribution?

In Which of Our Areas of Support Does Your Request Fit?

Attach a file if necessary (5mb limit)

If attachment fails, submit the form without it and then email your attachment here.


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