Helping and supporting our local community is crucial to our vision as a company. We want to help those in need and find ways to foster the health of the oceanfront towns we love. That’s why at Overleaf Lodge & Spa, we are constantly looking for ways to give back to the local community – it’s just the right thing to do.

Local Food Pantries

We collect canned food to be donated to the Lincoln County food share, the Yachats Pantry and Overleaf and Fireside employee emergency pantry. In past years, we have collected and shared about 11,000 pounds of food. We strive to make a significant impact on reducing hunger in our community.

Cape Perpetua Collaborative

The Overleaf Lodge contributes financially to the Cape Perpetua Collaborative. In addition to our donation, we collect $1 from each guest reservation which is given to the Collaborative. Guests are welcome to decline this by letting us know their preference.


Rock Back Retouched

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