Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Open for day-use or overnight camping, the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is one of the most popular spots along the coast in the region (dogs need to be on a leash here). The Cape Perpetua Visitor’s Center is open seven days a week, and has information, books and staff available to answer questions about the area. In the summer, you can also join one of the guided hikes. In the winter and spring, you can also join a ranger-led tour for whale-watching in the area. The campground allows tent and RV camping. The day-use area has picnic tables to eat lunch before or after one of the hikes in the area.

Distance from the Overleaf Lodge & Spa: 4 miles, about 10 minutes by car on Highway 101


Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site

The Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site leads to ample beach access to the Pacific Ocean and Yachats Bay. Drive the one-mile loop that showcases beautiful views to see the whole area, then park and make your way to the sand. From the loop, there is access to the beach, where you can find tide pools filled with sea creatures. If you spend the day there, don’t leave before the sun goes down. The site is known as one of the best places in the area to watch the sun set. The park has picnic facilities, but no restrooms on site.

Distance from the Overleaf Lodge & Spa: 2 miles, about 5 minutes by car on Highway 101

Yachats State Recreation Area

Open year round, Yachats State Recreation Area is popular for a variety of activities. Anglers come for the rock and salmon fishing, with plenty of space to cast a line. During migration season in the spring and winter, gray whales can be spotted from the site. Picnic tables on site make an ideal location for a lunch along the drive or bikeway on Highway 101. The scenic viewpoint is also ADA accessible. This part of the coast is lined with rocks, making it a good spot to find tide pools when the tide is right.

Distance from the Overleaf Lodge & Spa: 1 mile, about 5 minutes by car on Highway 101

Thor’s Well and Cook’s Chasm

One of Oregon’s natural phenomena, Thor’s Well is a seemingly bottomless hole on the Oregon Coast. In reality, the hole is about 20 feet deep, and is caused by a hole in the rock. Check out the site at high tide, or, if you’re feeling brave, during a storm on the coast, when you can see the waves crashing into the rocks. Cook’s Chasm is a similar natural phenomenon near Thor’s Well. Thor’s well can be accessed by a short walk from Highway 101.

Distance from the Overleaf Lodge & Spa: 4 miles, about 10 minutes by car on Highway 101

Smelt Sands State Recreation Site

Smelt Sands State Recreation Site is known for being a prime location to spot gray whales during the migration in the spring or winter. The 804 Trail is a less than one-mile walking trail on the site that is also overlooked by the Overleaf Lodge & Spa. When the tide is right, tide pools can also be seen and explored at Smelt Sands. There are restrooms on site. The beach area has less sand than other beach access points in the area, which helps the tide pools form.

Distance from the Overleaf Lodge & Spa: Half mile, about a 10 minute walk from the Lodge

Siuslaw National Forest

Stretching 135 miles of coastline, 991 square miles and 630,000 acres, however you decide to quantify the vast amount of space in the Siuslaw National Forest, there’s a lot of room to explore. The forest covers the coast from sea level to Mary’s Peak, the highest point in the Coast Range Mountains at 4,097 feet. The summit hike to Mary’s Peak is a 1.5-mile loop, and takes about two hours. There are four major rivers home to salmon and steelhead. Within the forest, you’ll find the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, known for its abundance of wildflowers in the spring and summer.

Distance from Overleaf Lodge & Spa to Mary’s Peak Trailhead: 60 miles, about an hour and a half by car.

Forest Hiking - Oregon Coast - Overleaf Lodge

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint

There are four access points to Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint from Highway 101. Wildlife viewing includes harbor seals, sea lion, whales and a variety of coastal birds. For agate hunters, this part of the coast is ripe for finding the popular stones. Each access point leads to secluded areas of beach, as well as grassy picnic areas, so you can find a spot to yourselves. There’s a hiking trail along the coastline, as well as places for fishing.

Distance from the Overleaf Lodge & Spa: 5 miles, about 10 minutes by car on Highway 101