Oceanfront Activities


A room at Overleaf Lodge & Spa places you just minutes away from oceanfront activities, and all the fun and beauty the Oregon Coast has to offer.
Below are just a few of the many possibilities open to you when you stay at the Overleaf Lodge & Spa.

Water Sports

With the combination of the ocean and nearby rivers and lakes, avid water sport enthusiasts and recreational visitors alike will find endless opportunities for swimming, surfing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, paddle boarding and more near Yachats and the Overleaf Lodge & Spa.

Surfing is a popular activity on the Oregon Coast, and you’ll often spot surfers in […]


Fishing Yachats and Central Oregon Coast
The Yachats area offers a multitude of ocean and freshwater fishing. For those willing to explore and experiment, Yachats has a fish for every season, including Chinook and coho salmon, winter steelhead, sea-run cutthroat trout, surf perch and rockfish.

While most of the charter business is located north of Yachats in […]

Birding on the Oregon Coast

Birding is a year-round activity on the central Oregon Coast, which is known for its abundance of bird-watching spots. A variety of birds make their home on the Oregon Coast, but the region also sees birds migrating through the region. Grab a pair of strong binoculars and head outside to these spots near the Overleaf […]


Beachcombing is all in the timing. Two to three hours after high tide, a fresh layer of sea finds are exposed on the sand. Go for a stroll on any beach near the Overleaf Lodge & Spa and you’re likely to find agates, jasper, driftwood, petrified wood, marine fossils, shells, and maybe even a glass […]

Tide pools

Yachats has an abundance of tide pools that are home to an array of aquatic critters, including giant green anemones, ochre sea stars, purple sea urchins and more. The Overleaf Lodge & Spa is within a short distance of beaches known for tide pools rich in diverse aquatic life.

For the best chance of finding tide […]

Whale Watching

Whale watching draws people from all over the world to Yachats. Gray whales travel along the coast year-round. Some months, however, are better for viewing than others.

Winter (December through January) is the best time to see gray whales. Approximately 20,000 whales migrate south to the warm water of Baja Mexico where they breed each year. […]


Eleven historic and current lighthouses line the majestic Oregon coastline. Take a tour, reach the top and learn about their haunted pasts, or simply view their solitary beauty against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. While some are private residences or are not accessible, seven are open to the public throughout the year. Three lighthouses […]


Digging clams is a year round sport at Alsea Bay, and it’s an activity that anyone can try their luck at. All you need is a shovel, a bucket and a tall pair of rubber boots and you can start digging for a variety of clams that are found on the beaches near Yachats. Alsea […]


Located just seven miles north of the Overleaf Lodge & Spa, Alsea Bay is one of Oregon’s best locations for crabbing. Recreational crabbing is open year round, with the best hauls caught during the winter.

Please remember that Oregon requires licenses for crab hunting. You can find more information about what you need for the license, […]