Overleaf Lodge & Spa featured artist.

Patsee Parker

Known for her landscape and seascape paintings depicting scenes from the Pacific Northwest, Patsee Parker has been painting professionally for almost fifty years. From her studio and gallery in Waldport, Parker has found inspiration among the sand and waves of the Pacific Ocean. Her gallery showcasing her painting and collages, originally named The Paint Box […]

Darren White Photography

Born and raised on the Oregon Coast, Darren White moved to Portland and finally Littleton, Colorado, where he now resides full-time. His stunning landscape photography found its way back to his first home on the coast, where it is now displayed in the artist gallery at the Overleaf Lodge. The photographs capture iconic sights along […]

Dan Dunn

Living in the Pacific Northwest for more than thirty years, Dan Dunn paints scenes inspired by the Oregon Coast. His oil paintings often depict sailboats and fishing boats battling the powerful waves and dark storms of the Pacific Ocean, drawn from experiences building his own boats and painting on them as a teenager. The nautical […]

Andy Nichols

We are proud to feature Andy Nichols’ glass art in our lobby and gift shops.