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Pride of the Pelicans

Walking along the 804 Trail, just outside of Overleaf Lodge and Spa, visitors are bound to see pelicans—so easy to identify with that familiar gular pouch at their necks.

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Best Birding on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast has spectacular opportunities for bird watching. Our diversity of environments – rocky shores, estuaries, beaches, wetlands and woodlands – provide critical habitat for birds.

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The Brown Pelican

The return of the brown pelican to Yachats is a harbinger of summer. The brown pelican is the quintessential Oregon Coast bird, right up there with the gull.

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Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport has been a vibrant member of the coastal community since 1992. A trusted resource for ocean education and conservation, it hosts 15,000+ sea creatures native to the Pacific Northwest.

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Marbled Murrelets: On the Wing

The small, swift marbled murrelet gets all its food from the ocean and moves inland only to nest. Unlike most seabirds, murrelets are comparatively solitary. Their reproductive strategy is to be so secretive that predators don’t find their eggs, which are laid directly into a depression of a high tree limb.