Earth Conscious
Earth Conscious

All around the world, our oceans are polluted with plastic. Every day, more plastic ends up in the sea. We all have a responsibility to keep our planet clean, but from our spectacular spot here on the Pacific oceanfront, we are especially aware of the value of a clean ocean and clean beaches.

At the Overleaf Lodge and Spa, we are actively working to reduce our plastic consumption. We are doing our part to cut our waste and to educate our guests and partners about the effects of plastic in our oceans.

Here are a few actions we regularly take to help preserve the environment for future generations.

  • All of our single-use plates, bowls and cutlery are now compostable.
  • We are transitioning away from single-use bathroom toiletries to bulk dispensers of locally made Dani naturals products.
  • We are making conscious decisions to purchase products for our property that are not packed in plastic. The same goes for our gift store items – we preference the purchase of items that do not use plastic or excessive amounts of plastic.
  • We support efforts made by local organizations including Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and the Cape Perpetua Speaker Series to educate the public and reduce impacts of plastics in our seas. Check our Happenings page for upcoming local environmental events.
  • Each spring, the organization SOLVE hits Oregon beaches with volunteer crews for annual clean-up events. We promote and support those events, and invite our guests to participate too!
  • You will find 4Ocean bracelets for sale in our gift shop. These unique pieces of jewelry are made from trash pulled from the ocean. Proceeds from sales of the bracelets go to support ship captains and crews that remove plastic and trash from the ocean all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 4Ocean reports that each bracelet sold equals the removal of one pound of trash from the oceans. That’s a purchase you can feel great about!
Earth Conscious

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