At the Overleaf Lodge and Spa, we are very serious about your, our, and the community’s safety. We are taking additional precautions beyond city, county, state and federal requirements for COVID-19 safety and sanitation. Please take a few minutes to read this experience overview.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to keep our facilities open with challenging circumstances created by the pandemic. Our strict protocols create precise timing for cleaning between guests; your help is critical to stay on schedule. Please be mindful of the time, so that we do not need to ask you to leave when your time is finished.

Your help is critical to maintaining the water quality of the soaking tubs. Introducing substances alters the pool chemistry, can necessitate draining the pools and may result in canceled or rescheduled appointments.

Spa access is by appointment only for Overleaf Lodge guests age 18 and older. PLEASE adhere to your assigned timeslot precisely and follow these guidelines. Click here to make an appointment.


  • Spa access is limited to Overleaf Lodge guests and has limited hours of operation. Please see the spa booking page for available hours.
  • Guests may visit the spa up to once per day during their stay. For each night of their stay, guests may visit the spa once.
  • Appointments must begin after 4:00 pm on the day of arrival. Appointments scheduled for the day of departure must be completed with sufficient time for you to return to your room, dress and check out by 11:00 am.
  • Each 30-minute time slot includes entry and exit from the spa. You must exit the spa facility prior to the end of your time slot.
  • Shared spa spaces are available to a limited number of guests per day. We follow the mandated capacity limit in our spa. Time slots can accommodate up to two individual couples.
  • Appointment times for soaking and massages are strategic to separate guests and allow for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Guests in the same room need to visit the spa during the same appointment time, up to 2 people per guest room.
  • Appointments are made online and require a validation code that can be received at the time of booking a room at the Overleaf Lodge, or after a reservation is made.
  • Time slots will be filled on a first booked, best time slot basis.
  • Please acknowledge having read our policies and your willingness to follow them when you book an appointment online. Guests with incomplete forms will experience an abbreviated appointment.

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • A cleansing shower is critical for all guests prior to a visit to the spa and soaking tubs. Please shower in your room to remove all body and hair products such as lotions, oils, deodorants, perfumes and powders.
  • Wear your hair so that it will stay out of the water.
  • Arrive wearing the robe provided in your guest room. No robes are available in the spa. Lockers are not available.
  • Masks are required for guests and staff throughout the entire spa. Including while soaking in the tubs and locker rooms.
  • Please bring your own water bottle. Water in a closed water bottle is the only beverage that may be consumed in the tubs.
  • Bring your own footwear; sandals will NOT be provided.

Spa Experience

  • Please be prompt.
  • The entrance to the spa will be locked. Wait outside in the marked area until admitted by the Spa Assistant.
  • Silence phones and keep voices hushed so that all may relax.
  • Upon entry into the spa, patrons will be screened for COVID symptoms.
  • Guests will be given one towel upon entering the spa. Please hang it and your robe on your designated hook. Discard your wet towel in designated bins.
  • Please dry off prior to leaving the spa. A rinsing shower is permitted, but we encourage showering in your room.

Facility Limitations

  • Sauna, steam, exercise and esthetics rooms are currently closed.
  • Toilets and sinks in the spa are available for use.
  • Shower use is limited.
  • Shared amenities have been removed.
  • Limited toiletry items are available upon request.

City, State, County and Federal guidance has required the Overleaf Lodge & Spa to implement stringent protocols that have added considerable expense. The Overleaf Spa is not able to discount services or accommodations. Following the spa rules and procedures will help the Overleaf Spa team provide the best possible experience.

Overleaf Lodge & Spa is not liable for any wrongdoing should a person contract COVID-19. Guests must attest and sign documentation that they do not have COVID symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle soreness, changes in taste or smell, or sore throat prior to using spa services.