Fishing Boats at Sunset in Newport Oregon.The central Oregon coast offers just about every kind of fish and fishing.  You can fish off the rocks or at the docks, on your feet or in a boat, from the sea, the bay, a river, or a lake.  All fishing, including crabbing and clamming, requires a license.  For more information on regulations go to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife website.


Dungeness crab are caught at the Alsea Bay  just 7 miles north of the Overleaf Lodge. Recreational crabbing is open year round, with some of the best hauls caught during the winter months!  Classes in crabbing and clamming are held during the summer.  For more information regarding crabbing at the Alsea Bay visit the Port of Alsea website:


Digging clams is a year round sport at Alsea Bay, but the best digging is in spring at minus tides of 2 feet or better. For more information regarding clamming at Alsea Bay visit the ODFW website:


Sandy beaches near Yachats offer good surf fishing. The most common catch is perch and  striped bass. Surf fishing goes on all year.

Chinook salmon are taken from the Alsea Bay and River from August through September and Coho enter the bay in numbers from the middle of September to early November.  Sea-run, Cutthroat trout are caught from July to November.  Eckman Slough, the Yachats River and the lakes of Florence are also excellent places to fish. There are many places to rent boats, equipment and to purchase supplies.

Chartered fishing boats leave Newport year round.  On a 5-hour trip, you will fish for ling cod, red snapper, sea bass, cabezon, rock cod, sea trout, china rock, and more. Gear is furnished.  Halibut and salmon seasons usually begin in early May.

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